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"Industrial Grade - Industrial Tough"


Power Safety Specialists

North Shore Safety is committed to the development, manufacture and support of electrical safety products targeting the markets of unique and extreme environmental applications.

North Shore Safety is dedicated to Total Customer Satisfaction. If we do not provide a specific product that complies with a customer's application needs we are willing to entertain Custom Solutions and/or New Product Development Opportunities.

North Shore Safety provides Custom Solutions for OEM, Commercial and Industrial Applications, in Permanent and Portable configurations that support a variety of GFCI needs.

North Shore Safety is willing to develop a GFCI Product for a customer's specific application that may not be encompassed in our existing Product offerings.

Engineering Dedication

North Shore Safety's goal is to provide consumers with the safest and most reliable GFCI Safety Products in the marketplace. With this goal in mind North Shore Safety is continuously working to find ways to improve upon our already unparalleled product offerings in GFCI safety and reliability.

North Shore Safety strives for Customer Satisfaction through uninterrupted service and long lasting performance.

North Shore Safety is dedicated to the development of GFCI Products to suit the diverse needs of our consumers and to comply with the most up-to-date codes, standards, and regulations regarding GFCI safety.

Along with continued dedication to GFCI development, North Shore Safety maintains a commitment to providing dependable long lasting products while providing cost effective solutions to the consumer.

Our History

North Shore Safety is a privately held company founded in 1996. The company's focus is the development, manufacture and support of safety trade products targeting markets of extreme environmental applications. The business was created on the basis of servicing those customers or markets with difficult application requirements such as: wet locations, extreme environmental locations and difficult or unique operating locations.

North Shore Safety prides itself on providing services to the customer ranging from the identification of a concept to the realization of a solution. The cornerstone of the business is the company's willingness to entertain and participate in design ventures that are proprietary in scope and that are not covered by commercially available product. The participants in the company, recognizing a void in this marketplace offering, set out to create a business entity to focus on the development of safety devices targeting these extremely diverse applications.

North Shore Safety is supported with substantial resources that are knowledgeable on the required "standards" of products targeting the aforementioned areas. The company also possesses astute awareness of innovative technologies that meet or exceed the standards of today's commercially available product. The company's goal is to utilize these technical resources and the knowledge of their applications to set itself apart from its competition.