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Always On Board — Portable ELCI Protection

Is the dock power at your home, condo or weekend house safe? Is your boat’s shore power source GFCI protected? And, when you cruise and dock at a different destination, are you prepared to prevent electrical leakage if guest’s dock pedestals are not protected or up to code?

You can answer yes to all these questions when you utilize a Marine ELCI (Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter) ground fault protection device from NSS for all your shore power needs.


Stop Electrical Leaks

Marine electrical leaks can cause fatal electric shock drowning. Most stray electrical current in water comes from boats, according to the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI). Don’t count on the marina to have this safeguard in place.

Portable Marine ELCI

Keep your family and guests safe when docked at home or away. North Shore Safety’s portable Marine ELCI immediately trips when it detects electrical leakage from your boat with a 30mA trip level, nuisance tripping is minimized while still providing potential lethal shock protection. The retrofit solution allows you to safely plug into marina dock pedestals, power sources at home or guest docks. Our Marine ELCI gives you peace of mind that your boat is not going to be the cause of an electrical shock drowning.

Industrial-Hardened Design for Rough Service

  • Largest 30 Amp switching contacts in the industry – (high reliability)
  • Dual indication lights displaying power and fault status
  • Grounded neutral protection (on applicable models only)
  • Enclosure is Chemical and U.V. resistant
  • NEMA 4x and 6P wet location rated for indoor/outdoor applications
  • Double insulated user interface for added safety
  • Lengths of 2, 25 and 50 feet available.

Stay Safe on the Waters

North Shore Safety specializes in ground fault protection and produces industrial-grade, industrial-tough products that stand up in rugged environments. Our long-lasting Marine ELCI solutions to the market is one of our specialties. We can reduce liability and protect your boat from electrical leakage.


Learn more about ESD – read or download an informational brochure from The Electrical Shock Drowning Prevention Association